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Baddesley Clinton


Mortgage from Henry Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton esq. and Edward Ferrers gent. his son and heir to Elize Byrd of Baddesley yeoman and John Byrd of Wroxall yeoman of pasture ground called Newlandes in the lordship of Baddesley in the tenure of the said Elize and John. To hold the same from Lady Day last past for 20 years for the annual rent of £6 13s. 4d. to be paid at Michaelmas and Lady Day in equal portions, the said Henry and Edward to have the right of distraint or re-entry if the said rent was not paid. The said lease to be void if the said Henry and Edward repaid £20 to the said Elize and John, but if this was not paid before the end of 12 years then the said Elize and John were to hold the said lands for the following four years for the annual rent of 2d. to be paid on the feast of St. John the Baptist called Midsummer Day if demanded in full satisfaction for the said £20. The said Elize and John to have sufficient `tinsell' from the said lands to repair the hedges and fences of the same during the said term. Consideration: £20. 21 June 5 James I [1607]. Signed: Henry Ferrers. Two tags for seals. Witnesses endorsed: the mark of Richard ?Sparrowe; Tho: Greathen; scribe. Endorsed: 1. [In the hand of Edward Ferrers c. 1630] Newland 2. [?In the hand of William Hamper c. 1816] 1609 [94]