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Prestbury, co. Gloucester


Acknowledgement from William Peyto of Chesterton esq. to Edward Ferrars of Badgley esq. that the grant of an annuity on 30 December 1723 from the Rt. Hon. William Lord Craven to the said William Peyto see DR3/549. of £226 13s. 4d. from the manor of Prestbury, co. Gloucester was purchased on behalf of the said Edward Ferrars, that the said Edward Ferrars paid the consideration of £1,850, and that the said annuity was to be held to the use of the said Edward Ferrars. 31 December 1723. Signed: William Peyto. Circular seal of red wax applied. 1/2 in. Device obscure. Witnesses endorsed: H. Burton; W. Grove, junior. Endorsed: 1. [In a contemporary hand] Discl' Mr Peyto to Mr Ferrars 2. [In another contemporary hand] Since Charles the Second 3. [In the hand of Henry Norris c. 1890] 1723 Relating to Lord Craven [100]