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Acknowledgement by Anthony Ludford of the Middle Temple, London gent. to Edward Ferrers, son and heir of Henry Ferrers of Baddesly Clinton esq. of the production of the conveyance of the manor of Kingswood from Edward Cockayne of Pooly esq. to Clement Ludford, father of the said Anthony, for the perusal of Rowley Ward, Thomas Greene esqs., John Norton and William Holbach gents. arbitrators in the dispute between the said Henry Ferrers and the said Anthony Ludford, according to the bond made by the said Henry and Edward Ferrers to the said Anthony Ludford in the pendal sum of £300. 30 September 1614. Signed: A Ludford Tongue for applied paper seal with traces of red wax. Witnesses: Henry Bauldwin; the mark of Richard Bird. Endorsed: [In the hand of Edward Ferrers c. 1630] Ludford ackwoledging the bringing in of Sr Edward Cockaynes deed of the sale of the mannor of Kingswood [233]