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Baddesley Clinton


Lease from Henry Ferrers of Baddisley Clinton esq. to Thomas Ley of Rowington weavor of a close of land and pasture with appurtenances called Greenefyelde in the lordship of Baddisley Clinton then in the tenure of the said Thomas. To hold the same for 21 years for the annual rent of 9s. to be paid at Michaelmas and Lady Day in equal portions, and 1s. to be paid on 1 August called Lammas Day in lieu of tithes and herbage on the said close. The said Thomas to have the right to cut trees in the hedges or mounds between a copse called Brownes grove, the wood called Heywood and the said close called Greenefyelde, the right to cut all trees on the said close to repair the hedges or mounds of the said close and for his own use during the said term and the right to cut down and dispose of all manner of furze, gorse, briars and thorns growing on the said close. Consideration: £20. 29 September 38 Elizabeth [1596]. Signed: Henry Ferrers Tag and seal missing. Witnesses: Thomas Tempest; William Shawe; Lawrence Cowpere. Endorsed: 1. [c.1839] 29th. September 38th. Elizth. Henry Ferrers Esq. Thomas Ley of Rowington - Lease of the close called Greenfield for 21 years in cons'on of £20 paid down and of 5s. yearly also "for the Tenths Tithes and Herbage of the said close called Greenfield yearly "during the sd. Term 1s. on the first of "August commonly called Lammas Day." 2. [In the hand of William Hamper c.1816] AD 1596 [The same hand has also written AD 1596 on the margin of the document.] [80a]