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Baddesley Clinton


Bargain, sale and feoffment from George Ognell of London gent. to Elize [Ellis] Birde of Baddesley Clinton yeoman of closes of land, meadow and pasture called Brodeshawes grove being in three parts and lying in the lordship of Baddesley Clinton in length and breadth between the close of the said Elize Birde called Heathy close, common ground called Baddesley heathe and a lane leading from Baddesley church towards Coventrye together with all rights and appurtenances and the deeds relating to the same. The said lands to be free from any claim made by the said George Ognell or Andrew Ognell late of Baddesley esq. deceased, brother of the said George. The said conveyance to be secured by inrollment within five years with the condition that the said George need not travel more than two miles from his home in Cheapesyde for the meeting of the same. Consideration: £75. 10 December 32 Elizabeth [1589]. Signed: G. Ognell. Fragment of seal of red wax on tag. c. 3/4 in. A shield quartered, 1. and 3. missing. 2. A cross quarter pierced. 4. Per saltire two mullets in pale. Witnesses: John Lavender; William Averell. Endorsed: 1. [In the hand of Edward Ferrers c.1630] George Ognelles conveyance of ye sale of Bradshawes grove to Ellis Birde 10th. of December 22 Elizab: regine 1579 2. [c.1839] 1579 Ognell to Bird Conveyance of Broad Shaws grove in Badesley Clinton [75]