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Baddesley Clinton, Elmdon, Solihull, Beausale, Henley-in-Arden, Tanworth, Warwick, co. Warwick, Oulswick, Chearsley, Towersey, Weston Turville, Oakley, Weston Turville, Oakley, Brill, co. Bucks, Mascalls, Copgrave, Brenchley, Peckham, Nettlestead, Yalding, in Kent, Fisherton Anger, New Salisbury, ? Lavington, West Dean, Wiltshire


Grant from Sir William Cecill Master of the Court of Wards and Liveries and Robert Keylwey esq. Surveyor of the said court to Henry Ferris gent. son and heir of Edward Ferris esq. deceased being a grant of Ousterlemain upon the said Henry attaining his majority concerning lands belonging to the said Edward administered by the said court during the minority of the said Henry from the death of the said Edward who died 11 August 6 Elizabeth [1564] to 2 February 14 Elizabeth [1571/2] when the said Henry reached the age of twenty-one years. Lands listed in attached schedule under the following counties: KENT The manors of Mascalls and Copgrave held of the Queen as of the honor of Warbleton [Sussex], part of the possessions lately belonging to the Duke of Buckingham, for the service of a quarter of a knight's fee, and lands and tenements in Brenchelsey [Brenchley] also held of the same, for the service of a tenth part of a knight's fee, the annual value of all these lands being £10 7s. 4 1/2 d. Messuages and lands in East Peckeham [East Peckham] held of the heirs of the said Duke as of his manor of Casington [?Casington, Oxon] for fealty, the annual value being 40s. Lands and tenements in Nettlestede [Nettlestead] held of the heirs of John Raynesforde knt. as of his manor of Nettlestede in socage, for fealty and 3s. annual rent, the annual value being 5s. Messuages, lands and tenements in Yaldinge [Yalding] and Aylesford held of the heirs of Thomas Wyat knt., lately attainted for high treason, as of his manor of Ayllesforde, by what service unknown, the annual value being 40s. CO. BUCKS. Lands and tenements in Owswicke [Oulswick], Chardesley [Chearsley], Towersley [Towersey] and Weston Turvilde [Weston Turville], the annual value being £10 7s. 4d, Lands and tenements in Okelde [Oakley] and Brightill [Brill], the annual value being 46s. 8d. CO. WARWICK The manor of Baddesley alias Badesley Clinton and lands and tenements in Elmden [Elmdon], Salihull [Solihull], Bewsall [Beausale], Henley [Henley-in-Arden], Tomworth [Tamworth] and in the town of Warwick, the annual value being £12 13s. 4d. CO. WILTS. The manor of Fisherton [Fisherton Anger] with appurtenances in Fisherton, Newe Salisbury, Lemyngton [?Lavington] and Eastdean [?West Dean] held of the Bishop of Salisbury, by what service unknown, the annual value being £14 10s. 8d. The total annual value being £55 16s. 4 1/2d. 13 February 14 Elizabeth [1571/2]. Signed: W Burghley, Robt. Keylwey Seals: 1. Tag for seal with fragment of red wax. 2. Tag for seal with traces of red wax. Endorsed: 1. [In a contemporary hand] 13 Febr 14 el. Henry Ferris thendenture of Henry Ferrers ouster le mayne or hande 2. [In the hand of Edward Ferrers c.1630] The ousterlemayne of Henry Ferrers: 3. [c.1839] 13 Febry. 14th Elizth. He having attained his age of 21 on the 2d of February preceeding. [331]