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Baddesley Clinton


Mortgage from Thomas and John Oldnoll of Fulbroocke Parke gents. to Mathew Walford of Rowington yeoman of four closes of meadow and pasture in Badesly Clynton called Great Gilbertes, Litle Gilbertes, Millfeild and Gilbertes meadow together with a barn on Great Gilbertes and the pasture of a grove called Gilbertes grove in the tenure of the said Thomas and John Oldnoll, excepting the wood in the said grove, which lands were formerly leased to Thomas Oldnoll, father of the said Thomas and John Oldnoll, and the said Thomas and John by Henry Ferrers of Badesly Clynton esq., George Brome of Halleton [Holton], Oxon. esq. and Walter Gifford of Higheon [High Onn], co. Stafford esq. on 9 June 42 Elizabeth [1600] for 100 years for the annual rent of £3 [see 344.]. To hold for the remainder of the said term for the said rent, the same to be void if the said Thomas and John paid the said Mathew £100 on 26 March 1612 at the house of the said Mathew in Rowington. Consideration: £100. 26 March 9 James I [1611]. Signed: Thomas Oldnoll, John Oldnoll. Two tags for seals. Witnesses endorsed: Peter Rogers; the mark of William Hale; the mark of John Coocke. [86/9]