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Baddesley Clinton


Lease from Henry Ferrers of Baddeslye Clinton esq. George Brome of Halleton [Holton], Oxon. esq. and Walter Gyfford of Highe On [High Onn], co. Stafford esq. to John Baylies of Rowington yeoman and Richard Durrham of the same yeoman of pasture land called the Fower fields and another piece of pasture called Parsons Hagge in Baddeslye Clynton now or lately in the occupation of Richard Smythe, the said John Baylies, and Richard Durrham and of Richard Hodgkines. To hold the same from Lady Day last past for 23 years paying one peppercorn rent for the first two years and afterwards 5s. at Michaelmas and Lady Day in equal portions. The said John and Richard to maintain and repair the gates, fences and mounds on the said lands during the said term, the said Henry, George and Walter allowing timber, `hedgboote' and `tynsell' for the same. Consideration: £30. 2 June 42 Elizabeth [1600]. Signed: Henry Ferrers, G. Brome, Walter Gyfforde. Three tags for seals. Witnesses endorsed: John Burgoyne; Ed: Aston; William Fellowe servant to John Greene, scribe; Thomas Oldnall; John Samuell. Endorsed: 1. [In the hand of Edward Ferrers c.1630 - partly illegible] The lease of 4 Fyldes in Badesleye ? with Parsons Hagees at 5s. Rent John ? Bayles Rich' Durham. vacat 2. [c.1839] 2d. June 43d. Elizth. Demise of the Four fields and the Parson's Hagg for 23 years - consideration paid to Henry Ferrers for the same £30. [90]