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Baddesley Clinton


Lease from Henry Ferrers of Baddisley Clynton esq. and Edward Ferrers of Baddisley Clynton gent. son and heir of the said Henry to John Whirrett of Baddisley Clynton husbandman of two closes called Longefeildes in the lordship of Baddisley then in the tenure of Ellize Byrde lying in breadth between the land called Lodgefeild and the Lyntefeilde on the west side and the Longe grove and Males on the east side, and in length from a close called Longfeild in the tenure of the said John Whirrett on the north side and a part of Heywoode coppice, a coppice called the Parsons Hagge and a piece of land called the Parsons Hagge in the Fower Feildes on the south side. To hold the same from the death of the said Ellize Byrde for 21 years for the annual rent of 20s. to be paid at Michaelmas and Lady Day in equal portions, the said Henry and Edward having the right of distraint or re-entry if the said rent was not paid within fourteen days of the said terms. The said John to repair and maintain the hedges and ditches on the said lands and to have the right to take wood from them for this purpose. Consideration: £20. 9 September 5 James I [1607]. Signed: Henry Ferrers Seals: 1. Circular seal of red wax on tag, defaced. 1 in. 2. Tag for seal. Witnesses endorsed: Tho: Masters, scribe; Christopher Symons. Endorsed: [In the hand of Edward Ferrers c.1630] Longe Feylds [93b]