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Baddesley Clinton


Lease from Henry Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton esq., George Brome of Halleton [Holton], Oxon. esq. and Walter Gyfforde of Higheon [High Onn], co. Stafford esq. to Thomas Oldnoll the elder of Rowington alias Rownton gent. of four closes of meadow and pasture called Great Gilbertes, Lytle Gylbertes, Mylfeilde and Gylbertes meadow and also a barn standing on Great Gilbertes and the pasture on one grove of woodland called Gylbertes grove, which lands were then in the occupation of the said Thomas, the said lessors reserving for themselves entrance and exit for the carting of wood. To hold the same from Lady Day last past for 100 years or for the lives of the said Thomas Oldnall, John Oldnall his son and heir and Thomas Oldnall younger son of the said Thomas for the annual rent of £3 to be paid in equal portions at Michaelmas and Lady Day, the said lessors to have the right of distraint or re-entry if the said rent was not paid. The said Thomas was to repair and maintain the said premises and to have hedgeboote and houseboote growing on the said lands for this purpose. Consideration: £100. 9 June 42 Elizabeth [1600]. Signed: Henry Ferrers, G. Brome, Walter Gyfforde. Seals: 1. Circular seal of red wax on tag. 3/4 in. A unicorn trippant. 2. Circular seal of red wax on tag. 3/4 in. On a shield a fess between three helmets, the shield within a double beaded border. 3. Tag for seal. Witnesses: William Fellowe servant to John Greene, scribe; Ed. Aston; Richard Smythe. Memorandum endorsed defining the word grant in this lease in respect of Walter Gyfforde, Witnesses: William Byrde; George Seyntgeorge; the mark of Thomas Warde; Ed. Aston. Endorsed: 1. [In a contemporary hand] Gilbertes 2. [In the hand of Edward Ferrers c. 1630] Great Gilberts See DR3/358. [86/8]