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Baddesley Clinton


Mortgage from Edward Ferrers of Badesley Clinton gent. and Anne his wife to John Wherret of the same husbandman of a close of pasture called Newlandes in Badesley on the north side of Badesley park and bordering on Birchegrove on the east and a brook called Risandbrook on the west, then in the tenure of Eustace Thimble and the said John Wherret. To hold for 21 years from Lady Day last past for the annual rent of £6. The same to be void if the said Edward and Anne upon six months notice repaid the said John £20 if the said Edward and Anne required the said land for their own use, but not in order to lease the said land to any other person. Consideration: £20. 10 May 12 James I [1614], Signed: Edward Ferrers. Anne Ferrers Seals: 1. Circular seal of red wax on tag, incomplete. 3/4 in. A unicorn passant. 2. Tag for seal. Witnesses: Henry Bauldwin; Joan Marsone. Endorsed: [In the hand of Edward Ferrers c.1630] Lease of Greate Newland Anno 1614 12o; Jacobi Regis Anglie [103]