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Baddesley Clinton


Bargain sale and feoffment from Job Whirrett of Rowington yeoman to Edward Ferrers of Baddesly Clinton esq. of a close in Baddesly Clinton called Heathy field alias Phillippes close and the doles or shares of the said Job in a meadow called Carters meadow together with all woods and appurtenances in the tenure of Edward Edkins and the deeds belonging to the same. To hold the same for ever. Warranty clause from the said Job and Elizabeth his wife. Consideration: £54. 12 June 1633. Signed: the mark of Job Wherritt Circular seal of red wax on tag. 3/4 in. A lion rampant. Memorandum that the said Job was to pay the said Edward annually 8d. for the chief rent of a pasture called Butt field in the tenure of Edward Edkines adjoining the Heathy field and 4d. for a close called the Home close. Witnesses to signing and livery of seisin endorsed: Maurice Jhones minister at Baddesly; the mark of Thomas Hawkines, smith; Nicholas Ferrers; the mark of Paul Bird servant to Edward Ferrers; Edward Sides, smith in Baddesly; the marks of Theophilus Frauncis servant to William Shorte; Christopher Evattes son of John Evattes; Valentine Phillippes of Balsall. Endorsed: [c.1839] 12 June 1633 Job Whirrett to Edward Ferrers Feoffment with Livery of Heathy Field also Phillips Close and Doles c in Carters meadow [114]