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Baddesley Clinton


Assignment of lease from William Argente of London gent. to Thomas Stone of Warr' gent. of a messuage called Heywood Howse or the Tilhowse in Baddesly Clinton formerly in the tenure of Ellis Bird and William Lingham and then in the tenure of Richard Burtonwood and Edward Edkines, lands called Clepittes or Hoome fields in the tenure of the said Richard Burtonwood and Edward Edkines, lands called Little Chetwindes in the tenure of John Burgoine gent. and five closes called Great and Little Mailes in the tenure of William Hassum alias Morton together with the deeds relating to the same. To hold for 21 years upon expiration of a lease made by Henry Ferrers of Baddesly Clinton to Richard Scarlett of London painter stainer and for the rent stated in a lease made 22 May 7 James I [1609] by the said Henry Ferrers to Christopher Symons of Baddesly gent. [see DR3/379]. Consideration: £128. 10 May 4 Charles I [1628]. Signed: Wm. Argent Tag for seal from which seal has been cut away. Witnesses endorsed: John Argent; John Goodhand. [112]