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Baddesley Clinton


Attested copy of a grant from Henry Ferrers of Baddesley Clynton esq. to John Ferrers the second son of the said Henry reciting DR3/395 whereby lands in Baddesley Clynton were assigned to provide an annuity of £30 for the younger sons of the said Henry, the said Henry granted this annuity to the said John to be paid upon the death of the said Henry by George Ferrers son and heir of the said Henry. The said John was to have the right of distraint if this annuity was not paid, but if the said George paid out money for the apprenticeship or preferment of the said John, the said George was to hold the said annuity until this sum was repaid, or if the said George paid a lump sum instead of the said annuity to the said John when he reached the age of 21 years the said agreement was to be void. 14 January 1668/9 [Old style 1669]. Copy made 1 January 1682/3 [Old style 1683]. Signed: Hen: Ferrers Witnesses: John Beaumont; Fran: Willughby; the mark of Gervase Bancroft, the mark of Roger Harrison; Steven Flamsteed. Attested copy made 1 January 1682 (sic) and examined by Fran: Willughby; John Wood. Receipt of the deed of annuity endorsed 1 January 1682 signed: John Ferrers; John Wood; George Willughby. [133]