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Miscellaneous Bonds etc.


Bond from the Rt. Hon. Lady Harriet Anne Ferrars Ferrers and Marmion Edward Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton esq. to John Dixon of Chancery Lane, co. Middlesex esq. Andrew Amedee Mieville of Russell Square, co. Middlesex esq. and James Kibblewhite of Grays Inn Place, co. Middlesex esq. trustees for The Clerical Medical and a General Life Assurance Society London, in the penal sum of £1,500 to secure £750. 25 October 1836. Signed: Harriet Anne Ferrars Ferrers, Marmion Edward Ferrers. [Signatures crossed out in cancellation] Two seals of red wax applied. 1/2 in. Defaced. Witnesses: Compton Gerard Ferrers, Henrietta Elizabeth Ferrers. A receipt endorsed dated 11 May 1839 for £750 signed: John Dixon, Andrew A. Mieville, James Kibblewhite. Witness: H. Scott Turner, solicitor, 36 Jermyn St. St. James. [436]