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Temple Balsall


Manor of Temple Balsall. View of Frankpledge with Court Baron of Robert, Earl of Leicester, viscount Lile [L'isle] and Lord Sidney [Sydney] of Penhurst [Penshurst] held 12 October 6 Charles I [1630] before Humphrey Colles esq. chief steward. Copy of court roll recording the surrender outside the court on 16 September last through Richard Hicken and Richard Woodhams, two of the customary tenants, by Richard Lane of Baddesly Clinton butcher, and the admittance of William Knight, husbandman, Humphrey Woof, carpenter, and Lawrence Cooper, taylor, tenants of Baddesly Clinton of a croft called Blecroft in Chadwich End with woods and appurtenances. To hold the same for 91 years and 6 months according to the custom of the manor for the maintenance and repair of Baddesly Clinton church for the annual rent of 8d. and an entry fine of 2s. Signed: Thomas Masters, deputy steward. Endorsed: [In the hand of Edward Ferrers c.1630] The Coppie of a peice of Lande in Balsall called Blecrofte belonginge to Baddesly Church for the repaire thereof Ex Dono Edri Ferrers c. 1630 6to. Car' reg' de Baddesly Lawrence Cowper his parte see H. Norris, p. 54. [258a]