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Estate papers - Accounts


A list of the annual value of various properties belonging to the Ferrers family. The manor of Woodlow and Wodcote [in Leek Wootton] together with waters in the tenure of the Abbot of Stonley, and also lands outside the manor of the annual value of £6 6s. 8d. making a total annual value of £23 15s. 8d. Lands in Eythropp [Eathorpe] valued at 13s. 4d., lands in Offchurche [Offchurch] valued at 10s., lands in Norton Curlew [Norton Curlieu] valued at 2s. 4d., lands in Shirley Strete [Shirley] valued at 25s., lands in Yerdley [Yardley, formerly co. Worcester, now in Birmingham] valued at 37s. 4d. and the `yeld' of Warwick and St. Nicholas valued at 20d. [making a total of £4 9s. 8d.] and a sum total of £28 5s. 4d. The receipts for these lands in 8 Henry VIII amounted to £11 0s. 15d., in 9 Henry VIII to £23 16s. 8d., in 10 Henry VIII to £26 2s. 6d., and for the period to Michaelmas 11 Henry VIII to £14 8s. 8d. Undated: c. Michaelmas 11 Henry VIII [1519]. [347a]