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Woodloes or Woodcote


Mortgage from Robert Broome of Woodlow esq. to Edward Ferrers of Baddesly Clinton esq. of a field called Gabrielles close in the manor of Woodlow or Woodcott in the parish of Leeke Wootten lying between a wood of the said Robert called High wood and a piece of waste ground called Woodcott Greene, which land now lay in one piece, although previously it had been divided into two, in the tenure of Thomas Dale. To hold the same for 70 years for the annual rent of one red rose if demanded, the same to be void upon the repayment on or before the feast of St. John the Baptist 1637 of £25 with interest. Consideration: £25. 22 June 9 Charles I [1633]. Signatures and seals cut away ?in cancellation. Witnesses endorsed: Will' Hunt; Josuah ?Miles. Endorsed: [c.1839] 22 June 9 supt; suph;. Chas. 1 sups; supt;. Robert Broome of Woodlow to Edward Ferrers of Baddesly. Demise of Gabriel close in the parish of Leek Wotton for security redeemable on payment of £25 to the said Edward Ferrers. [285]