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Baddesley Clinton


Counterpart of lease from Edward Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton esq. to Richard Tabberner of Baddesley Clinton farmer of a messuage in Baddesley Clinton formerly in the occupation of William Parsons but then of the said Richard Tabberner with the farm belonging to the same called Netherwood Farm containing 191 acres and a brick kiln and pits at Baddesley Green, reserving timber, mineral and water rights on the said lands. To hold the same for 7 years for the annual rent of £200, detailed provision being made for the repair and maintenance of the said property and for the farming of the said lands during the said term, including an extra rent charge of £20 annually for every acre sown with hemp or flax, provision also being made for the sowing of the said lands during the last year of the said lease. The said Edward also leased to the said Richard 6 acres of land near the said brick kiln to be held for 14 years for the annual rent of £7 7s. under similar conditions. 18 March 1812. Signed: Edward Ferrers, Richard Tabberner. Two circular seals of red wax applied. 1/2 in. On a shield the letter H. Witnesses endorsed: Walter Harding; Jos. Harding. [173]