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Baddesley Clinton, Rowington and Lapworth


Lease from Marmion Edward Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton esq. to John Devereux Muntz of Baddesley Clinton esq. of his capital messuage in Baddesley Clinton, excepting two rooms in the west wing to be reserved for the storage of furniture belonging to the said Marmion Edward Ferrers with access to the same, and lands belonging to the same containing 283 acres together with all houses lands and shooting rights on the said lands in the parishes of Baddesley Clinton, Rowington and Lapworth, reserving the timber and mineral rights on the same. To hold for 21 years for the annual rent of £714, and in addition the said John Devereux Muntz was to spend £2,000 to repair and maintain the said property for which he was to receive allowance from the said rent. Detailed provisions were also laid down for the decoration, repair and maintenance of the said property, the cultivation of the said lands, sub-letting, insurance, drainage, shooting and additional rents to be paid for the cultivation of flax and hemp. The said lease to terminate at the end of 7 or 14 years if desired upon twelve months notice. Schedule I. List of pictures to be stored for the said Marmion Edward Ferrers. Schedule II. List of lands included in the said lease, the details of acreage with field names as follows: Home Park, Peat field, First Park, Cow Pasture, Church yard, Rising Bridge field, Five Acres, The Ruff, Seven Acres, Nine Acres, The Boggs, Brook field, Broad field, Baddesley meadow, Fir Tree close, Little Cow Pasture, Church field, Field next Rising Meadow, Warwick Corporation land, Rising Bridge meadow, Home meadow, High field, Farm yard and barn, Long Park, Barn field, Barn and yard, Garden, Bucks Pleck, Great Park, Long field, Little close, Little Males, Great Males, Lime field, Six Corner close, Lodge field and Hid Pile close. 15 July 1858. Signed: Marmion E. Ferrers. Circular seal of red wax applied. 1/2 in. A horseshoe. Legend SPLENDEO TRITUS Witness: William Docker, solicitor, Birmingham. [441]

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    15 Jul 1858

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    United Kingdom - England - Warwickshire - Rowington,

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