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Estate papers - Letters


Letter from S[amuel] Butler to ?Edward Ferrers (1740-94) concerning the annual rent of £5 6s. 8d. paid to the lord of the manor of Kenilworth for land in Badsley Clinton called Wallis. Mr. Butler stated that he did not know the origin of this rent, but that it was recorded on the chief rent rolls of the manor of Kenilworth for over one hundred years, and in a survey of the manor, including the site of the monastery, taken in 33 Elizabeth [1590-1591], According to Dugdale Badsley Clinton was formerly a member of Hampton-in-Arden and with Hampton became part of the possessions of the monastery of Kenilworth. Mr. Butler therefore suggested that it was probable that at the dissolution of the monasteries this annual rent was reserved upon the Badsley estate payable to the manor of Kenilworth and had thus continued. See DR3/71, DR3/261, DR3/292, DR3/318, DR3/394, DR3/650, DR3/652 - DR3/689 DR3/709. See also H. Norris, op. cit. p. 29. Written at Kenilworth 3 February 1780. Signed: S. Butler Endorsed: [In a contemporary hand] Butler 1780 [403]