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Personal Papers relating to official positions - Sir Edward Ferrers


Exemplification under the seal of the Court of the Exchequer of proceedings by the Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer against Dame Constance Ferrers widow, Sir Thomas Willoughby knt. serjeant-at-law, Thomas Marrowe gent. and Thomas att Holt gent., executors of the will of Edward Ferrers knt. late Sheriff of co. Worcester deceased, for the submission of accounts of the profits of the said county from Michaelmas in the year for which he was first appointed Sheriff (by patent dated 11 July 20 Henry VIII [1528]) to Michaelmas 27 Henry VIII [1535] in which year the said Edward died, and of the determination of the same proceedings, whereby the said executors were, and each of them was adjudged free and quit of all charges, the exemplification being made at the request of the said Dame Constance and by the authority of Thomas, duke of Norfolk, Lord Treasurer. Given at Westminster 17 May 31 Henry VIII [1539]. Seal of the Court of the Exchequer in green wax on tag, incomplete. 3 in. [318/9]