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Lessness, Kent


Grant in free marriage from Richard son of Ely to Adam Kaluel and Lettice his wife sister of the said Richard of half an acre of the marsh land of the said Richard with appurtenances in Westmarsh of Leesnes, in a field called Brodefeld lying in breadth between the land formerly belonging to Henry de Parco on the east and the land of the said Richard on the west, abutting from one headland upon the common street on the south, and from the other upon the common drain to the north. To hold for ever to the said Adam and Lettice and their heirs, rendering annually to the said Richard 2d. at the four customary terms in Leesnes, that is 1/2 d. at each term. Also 1d. at Michaelmas for forgavel `forgabulo' in lieu of all services and demands, excepting the services of the king, scot and lot, and walling and draining pertaining to the said land. Warranty clause against Christians and Jews, together with freedom from suit of court. Sealing clause. Witnesses: Gilbert Cissor'; Simon and John Hamund; Alan mariscallo; John and John le Gest; Walter his brother; John his brother; John clerk and others. Undated: c. 1250. Tag for seal. [49/4]