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Appointment by John Brome of Warrewik', John Baxtere chaplain and John Portere, chaplain, of Thomas Peny as their attorney to receive seisin from John Brewster of Warrewik' and John Fissher and Williams Elys of the same, of lands, tenements, rents, services and appurtenances in Beausale, which lands the said John Brewster, John Fissher and William Elys lately held by gift and feoffment of the said John Baxtere. Sealing clause. Given Saturday on the Vigil of Easter 26 Henry VI [23 March 1448]. Two circular seals of red wax on two tongues. 1/2 in. 1. A goat couchant within a beaded circular border. 2. Heraldic, a mullet between two voided chevrons. [49/57]