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Temple Balsall


Manor of Temple Balsall. View of Frankplege with Court Baron of Algernon, duke of Northumberland, James, earl of Carlisle, Henry Percy esq. and Thomas Seare gent. held 25 April 12 Charles I [1636] before Humphrey Colles esq. chief steward. Copy of court roll recording the surrender outside the court on 14 December last through Richard Woodhams and Richard Freeman two of the customary tenants by Francis Phillippes and Prudence his wife, and the admittance of Thomas Hicken of Balsall, weaver, of a close of meadow called le Barne meadow with all woods and appurtenances in Chadwich End in the tenure of John Bissell. To hold the same according to the custom of the manor for 84 years and 3 months for the annual rent of 12d. and an entry fine of 6s. 8d. Signed: Thomas Masters, deputy steward. Endorsed: 1. [In the hand of Edward Ferrers c.1636] The Coppy of the lease of Barne Meadow in Balsall in trust to Tho: Hicken to the vse of Edw: Ferrers his heires for 84 yeeres 3 months 1636 12mo. Car' regis rgm' Ri'cus Woodhames Ri'cus Freman tenentes huius copie 2. [In another contemporary hand] T. Hicken [258b]