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Miscellaneous Bonds etc.


Acknowledgement from Henry Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton to William Hancoxe of Wrowinton yeoman of a debt of £10 to be repaid at the howse of the said Henry in Baddesley. For this debt the said Henry bound himself in the penal sum of £20. 26 July 4 James I [1606]. Signed: Henry Ferrers Seal of red wax applied through paper, a corner of the document having been folded over. Witnesses: Edward Ferrers: Christopher Symons; Henry Crosse. Endorsed: 1. [In the hand of Henry Ferrers 1549-1633] July 26. 1 August 26. 2 September 26. 3 October 26. 4 November 26. 5 December 26. 6 -- XS. 2. [Various practice scribbles in the hand of Edward Ferrers c 1630] Cancelled by cutting. [351/5]