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Lease from William Aldridge of Lapworth taylor and Katherine his wife, daughter and sole heir of George Holmes of ...sson, co. Lancaster husbandman and Agnes his wife, to John Holmes of Meriden innholder of a messuage called The Swan being an inn, a croft at the back of the said messuage, 2 selions of arable land in a common field called Old Worthinge lying near an inclosed piece of land called the New Inclosure, a parcel of meadow containing half an acre in a common meadow called Blith meadow, a close of pasture called Hanging acre adjoining a lane leading towards Warwicke called Warwicke lane, all in the parish of Meriden and in the tenure of the said John Holmes, one bay of the said messuage being in the occupation of Corbet Printofte corviser. To hold the same for 99 years for a peppercorn rent. Consideration: £50. 1 March 6 Charles I [1631]. Signed: William Aldrig. The mark of Katherine Aldridge. Two tags for seals. Witnesses endorsed: George Griffin; John Croe; Thomas Mynors; ?Francis Bolton; Corbet Printofte. Memorandum endorsed dated 19 September 1632 that this deed was shown to John Croe and Thomas Minors at the time of his examination at Meryden before Fra: Holbeche; Abraham Bowne; Math: Holbeche; Hum: Harper. Memorandum endorsed dated 23 October 1632 that the said John Holmes had released the said property to the said William Aldridge and his heirs for ever. Signed by the mark of John Holmes. Witnesses: Hum: Harper; Math: Holbeche; Joshua Miles; Tho: Ailesburie. Endorsed: [In the hand of Edward Ferrers c.1630] William Aldridge his assurance of the Swanne in Meriden to me for £30. [286]