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Kingswood, Rowington and Baddesley Clinton


Agreement made between Fulwar Skipwith of Broome Courte esq. and George Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton gent. son and heir of Henry Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton esq. whereby the said Fulwar in return for a bond in the penal sum of £1,300 to repay £650 with interest on 25 March 1670 agreed to release to the said George copyhold lands in Kingswood and Rowington and a farm called Reynolds Farm and lands in Baddesley Clinton and Rowington, formerly mortgaged to the said Fulwar by the said Henry Ferrers. 10 May 21 Charles II [1669]. Signed: Fulwar Skipwith. Tag for seal. Witnesses endorsed: Fran: Willughby; Will' Sharman; Francis Davies. Endorsed: 1. [In a contemporary hand] Mr Skipwithes Covenant to Geo: Ferrers to surrender ye copyhold lands in Rowington Kingswood upon payment of £650 interest. 2. [c.1839] 10 May 1668 Covenant by Fulwar Skipwith of Broomcourt with George Ferrers son and heir apparent of Henry Ferrers of Baddesley Esq. for the surrender of certain copyhold Premises and the Reconveyance of a Farm called Reynolds Farm in Baddesley on payment to said F. Skipwith of £650 - and interest with some receipts annexed for interest. Two paper receipts attached dated 25 June 1669 and 24 August 1670 each for £39, the interest on the said £650. Signed: Fulwar Skipwith. [139]

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    10 May 1669-24 Aug 1670

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    United Kingdom - England - Warwickshire - Rowington,

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