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Ardens Grafton and Temple Grafton


Probate copy of the will of William Kempson of Ardens Grafton gent. whereby 40s. was given the poor of Grafton parish, 40s. to his sister Mary Allen, 40s. to his sister Margery Sheldon and 10s. to Richard Sheepie, all these legacies to be paid within six months of the decease of the said William, and in addition 40s. was to be given to forty poor people within seven months after his death. The residue of his estate was to pass to his only daughter Elizabeth when all debts, legacies and funeral expenses had been paid, and if the estate was not sufficient to meet these, they were to be charged on the lands of the said William in Temple and Ardens Grafton. Robert Fitzherbert of Hints, co. Stafford gent. and Thomas Crompe of Beadforton [Bretforton], co. Worcester gent. were appointed executors of the said will, each of whom was to receive 20s. The said Robert Fitzherbert was also to act as guardian to the said Elizabeth and to administer the said estate on her behalf. The education of the said Elizabeth was entrusted to her grandmother Fitzherbert and to Mary Fitzherbert, sister of the said William. 19 April 1652. Signed by William Kempson. Witnessed by the mark of Eleanor Heminge. Probate annexed dated 2 August 1652. Tag for seal with traces of red wax. Endorsed: [In the hand of William Hamper 1816] Will of Wm Kempson gent. 1650 [374]