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Fisherton Anger, co. Wilts.


Counterpart of lease from Katherine Hampden lady of the manor of Fyssherton Anger co. Wilts. to William York husbandman and John Watkyns toweker of two `griste' or corn mills in Fyssherton Anger and all houses, mansions, floodgates, fishing, pastures, ways and waters belonging to the same as freely as John Davy formerly held the same. To hold for 21 years for the annual rent of £9 to be paid at the four terms of Christmas, Lady Day, Midsummer Day and Michaelmas in equal portions, the said Katherine to have the right of re-entry if the said rent was unpaid beyond one month of any of the said terms. The said William and John to keep and maintain the `waterwerke', `flodeyatis', `tymberwerke', `ironwerke', `brasse coggis', `whelis', and `mylle stonys' and do any necessary `thatchyng', `dawebyng', `wallyng' with `stone', `bredyng', and `dawebyng' and pay all rents, services and suits and all other charges on the said property. 30 September 12 Henry VIII [1520]. A broad tag slit to take two seals, each with traces of red wax. [266]