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Legal papers - General


An account of the wrongs and injuries done to John Brome at his house near Warwick called Bromesplace and at his house in Baddesley since the death of Lady Anne, countess of Warwick [d. 3 January 1449] by Robert Comaunder and Harry Somerlane, bailiffs of Warwick, William Ferrour smith, Richard Sadler sadler, John Ronton barker, William Undirwode yeoman, John Barker barker, John Porys yeoman, William Burton yeoman, Richard Appulby labourer, John Wellis yeoman, Thomas Stone baker, Harry Landesdale tailor, Thomas Smith horseman, Richard Norton `plymmer', Robert Holme horseman, all of Warr', on and after 11 July 28 Henry VI [1450]. Undated: c. 11 July 28 Henry VI [1450]. `28 regno regis Henrici 6th 1450' and `XXVIIjo Henrici 6th' added to text in the hand of Edward Ferrers c. 1630. Endorsed: [In the hand of Edward Ferrers c. 1630] The complainte of Jo: Brome ag supt; supe; diuers of ye towne of Warr' uppon divers wronges and forcible iniuries offered unto him in Warr' and at other his mansion places in the county of Warr' anno regni Henrici 6th 28 1450 Transcribed in The Warwickshire Antiquarian Magazine ed. John Fetherstone, pt. IV 1869, pp. 179 - 188. See also T. Kemp A History of Warwick [1905] pp. 15 - 16. [410]