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Legal papers - Title


Award made by Sir Antony Fytzherbert knt. one of the Justices of the Common Pleas, and Sir Walter Luke knt. one of the Justices of Kings Bench in the dispute between Sir Edward Ferrers knt. and Elizabeth Beaufoo widow of John Beaufoo of Edmundscote esq. whereby the said parties were to cease all legal action concerning this dispute and make a legal release of all actions to each other before the next Lady Day. The said Elizabeth was also to pay the said Sir Edward the annual sum of £7 at Lady Day and Michaelmas in equal portions at the house of the said Elizabeth in Miluerton, and the said Sir Edward was to have the right of distraint if this sum was not paid. The said Sir Edward was to assist the said Elizabeth to traverse the office found in the county of Northampton taken in 8 Henry VIII [1516-1517] by Richard Clement esq. then Escheator for that county upon the death of the said John Beaufoo husband of the said Elizabeth. The said Elizabeth was also to pay Marjorie Brome widow daughter of the said Elizabeth 100 marks upon her marriage or within one year of the same. 28 July 26 Henry VIII [1534]. Signed: Antony F', Walter Luke. Two tags for seals: 1. Fragment of green wax. 2. Traces of green wax. [50/12]