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Rainham in Norfolk and Tamworth, co. Stafford


Assignment by way of Mortgage from Rowland Alston of Harley Street, co. Middlesex esq., Henry Loftus of Wimpole Street, co. Middlesex a colonel in the King's Army, John Robins late of Warwick Street, Golden Square, now of Regent Street, co. Middlesex auctioneer and Thomas George Vandergucht of Craven Street, Strand, co. Middlesex gent., at the direction and appointment of the Rt. Hon. Charles Vere Townshend, younger son and devisee of the will of the most Hon. George [2nd.] marquess of Townshend, deceased, to Francis Lawley of Grosvenor Square, co. Middlesex reciting DR3/561, of the annuity of £4,000 for 21 years left to the said Charles under the will of his father, to secure £20,000. The said £20,000 to be repaid in three lots ending on 20 August 1833 during which time the life of the said Charles was to be insured for £5000 at four Life Insurance Companies, namely the Provident, Globe, Albion and Westminster, provision being made for the payment of these premiums and other expenses incurred. 21 August 1822. Signed and sealed by Rowland Alston, [Henry Loftus] John Robins, Thomas George Vandergucht and Charles Vere Townshend. Witness to signing and receipt endorsed: John Robson, Castle Street, Leicester Square. [427]