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Bargain and sale from Antony Hobbye of London gent. to Henry Ferrers of Badsley Clynton esq. of his `lodginges or roomes beinge fower roomes in nomber' on the backside of the dwelling house of Humfrey Weines citizen and grocer of London in the parish of Saint Bride's in Flete strete in the suburbs of the city of London in a lane called Shoe Lane together with the use of a yard adjoining the said lodgings leading into Shoe Lane and all goods, movable and immovable, implements, household stuff and books. To hold the same for ever. Consideration: £200. 22 June 1586. Signed: Antony Hobby Tag for seal with fragment of red wax. Witnesses endorsed ?by the scribe: Thomas Greathed; Edmund Wrothe, the mark of Henry Freeme. Memorandum endorsed on 15 January 1588/9 [Old style 1589] that Henry Ferrers gave to John Whight of the Middle Temple London esq. the said goods and chattles. Witnesses: John Daffarne; Reginald Brome; Oliver Brooke; Thomas Mason; Edmund Wrothe. Endorsed: 1. [In a contemporary hand] A deed of grifte of the goodes of Anthonye Hobby to Mr Henry Fereers Esquire 1588 2. [c. 1839] 22d. June 1586 - Anthony Hobby to Henry Ferrers - Bargain and Sale of four rooms in Shoe Lane Fleet Street with the books, goods and effects therein for £200. 5th. June 1588 - memorandum of the gift of the above by Henry Ferrers to John Whight of the Middle Temple London Esq. [284]