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Estate papers - Letters


Letter from Richard Andrew to Henry Ferrers in which he agreed to the sale of lands in co. Warwick to the said Henry by Edward Ferrers `sonne-in-law' [step son] of the said Richard. With a postscript that the said Richard would collect the rents for the said lands for the coming Lady Day. Written at Maighfeld [Mayfield in Sussex] 7 March 1579/80 [Old style 1580]. Signed: Richard Andrew Addressed: To his very frend Mr Henry Ferrers esquire at his lodginge at the white beare wtoute temple barr in London geve this [Memorandum in the hand of Edward Ferrers c. 1630] This Ric Andrewes married the widow of Nicho Ferrers father of ye said Edward Ferrers who sold the landes in Baddesly to Henry Ferrers and this Ric had an estate in the lands in right of his wifes jointer beinge a jointe purchasor wth her first husbande Nic [58/3]