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Appointment by the Rev. Edward Moore of Boughton Malherbe, Kent clerk and Mary his wife of £2,000 with interest to be held in trust for the said Edward Moore, which £2,000 by the will of the Rev. William Jones clerk, father of the said Mary, dated 24 September 1835 was left to the Mary Jones, his wife and William Tyrwhitt Drake esq. and the Rev. John Tyrwhitt Drake clerk, executors of the said will, in trust for the said Mary. The said Rev. William Jones died on 28 January 1837, his will was proved in April 1837 and according to the settlement made between the said Mary Jones widow of the said Rev. William Jones on the first part, Mary Jones now the said Mary Moore on the second part, the said Rev. Edward Moore on the third part and the said William Tyrwhitt Drake esq., the Rev. John Tyrwhitt Drake clerk and the Rev. Edward Moore clerk the elder, father of the said Rev. Edward Moore, on 8 May 1841, previous to the marriage of the said Rev. Edward Moore and the said Mary Moore, it was agreed that upon the said marriage the said £2,000 should be held upon trusts to be appointed by the said Edward and Mary. 17 February 1847. Signed: Edward Moore, Mary Moore. Two seals of red wax applied: 1. A circular seal. 1/2 in. A bird. 2. A rectangular seal. 1/2 in x 3/4 in. A young man's head facing to the right. Witnesses endorsed: Louise Dutneall, nurse in the family of the Revd. Edward Moore; ?J ?M. Tessdale, 31, Fenchurch St. London. See DR3/564 DR3/565. [437]