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Estate papers - Civil War papers


Precept from John Holmes at Henley [-in-Arden] directed to the Constables of Rowington and any persons appointed by `the Committee to inquire within the Constabulary' ordering them in obedience to the warrant of the said Committee to present their presentments or accounts at the house of Mr. Alexander Dougan at Warr' within 20 days. The accounts to be written on large paper and include all items of money, plate, horses, arms, ammunition, household stuff, goods of all sorts, rents and profits of land, provision of all kinds, free quarters, excise money, Irish money, poll money, subsidy money, contribution money etc. received, taken, collected, raised, seised, sequestered, or ascessed and not collected by the parliamentary forces together with the names and bills of the persons receiving the same. The said accounts to cover the period from the end of the previous parliament or the first sitting of the present parliament to 31 December 1646. 16 January 1646/7 [Old style 1647]. Signed: John Holmes Endorsed: 1. [In a 19th century hand] 16th January 1646 2. [c. 1839] A precept to the Constables of Rowington to make a return in writing of things received by the Parliament officers or soldiers. [240]