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Estate papers - Letters


Letter from Henry Ferrers to Anne[Peyto] asking for her help in furthering the marriage settlement to be made between the said Anne and Edward, son of the said Henry, by persuading her mother to give satisfaction to Mr Wagstaffe `the vpholder of the estate of me and my son'. Henry stated that he was unwilling to write to her mother or to his son `mistrusting that she is carried away with a preudical opinion of me and my meaning, by the misconceite of shallowe heads, wherein she will be deceived. Neyther do I thinke my son worthy to be writen vnto, being so careles of his estate and credit with Mr Wagstaffe, that he wold be absent hunting of a cat, at the appoynted tyme of conference, for busines that most imported him' (See DR3/356 and DR3/357). Written at Baddesley Saturday 8 February 1611/12 [Old style 1612]. Signed: Henry Ferrers. This letter must have been preserved by the said Anne Peyto after her marriage to Edward, and on the dorse Edward ?c. 1615 wrote an account headed `what apperrell Nicholas Ferrers hath had of me sinc he served mee', including the following items `1 payre of bootes before I was maried - viiis.' `1 bande and Cuffes wch my wife gave hime' Anne died 12 September 1618. see H. Norris, op. cit. p. 123. [351/12]