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Legal papers - General


Agreement made between Francis Willughby of the Middle Temple, London gent. and George Ferrers of Hints, co. Stafford esq. reciting that whereas the said Francis obtained a judgement against the said George in the court of Common Pleas in Michaelmas Term 1673 for £1,679 and £10 costs, to secure the said Francis for debts due from the said George and also for acting as a security for debts of the said George due to John Ferrers gent., brother of the said George, and John Flamsteed gent. and others, most of which debts the said George had now repaid, whereby the said Francis acknowledged that the said George owed £100, to him, and also £60 to the said John Ferrers and £100 to the said John Flamsteed, for which last two sums the said Francis was bound with the said George, and that on repayment of these sums with interest the said Francis would make satisfaction on record of the said judgement, and the said George agreed not to take any action to reverse the said judgement until the said debts were paid. 20 January 31 Charles II [1680]. Signed: Fran: Willughby, George Ferrers. Two seals of red wax applied. 1/2 in. Within a circular border a shield with seven mascles and an ermine in the chief. Legend indecipherable. Witnesses: Rob: Repington: the mark of Catherine Repington. Endorsed: 1. [In the hand of Francis Willoughby c. 1680] Security from Cos: Geo: Ferrers for £C as also to counter secure me for being surety for him 2. [In the hand of William Hamper c. 1816] AD 1679 [386]