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Knight of Barrels


Award by the copyhold commissioners under the Copyhold Acts to Thomas Atcherley Massy Dickin of Loppington House in the parish of Loppington, co. Salop., esq., of enfranchisement including enfranchisement from the rights reserved by the Copyhold Act 1852, section 48, by consent of the most noble Harry George Powlett, duke of Cleveland, lord of the manor, of a piece of land called Pipers Pool, otherwise Big Pipers Pool, another known as the Backsides, otherwise Pipers Pool, (formerly Wicksteeds) and another called the Little Backsides and a croft of land adjoining, all in Wem and all formerly in several occupations but then in the occupation of Henry Calveley Cotton. Signed: G.A. Leach, (?) James Caird with official seal of the copyhold commissioners.