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Legal papers - Estate


Contemporary copy of a Bill of Complaint made to the Court of Chancery by Henry Yearwood on behalf of George Ferrers an infant, son and heir of Henry Ferrers of Baddesly Clynton esq., against the said Henry Ferrers, for an Injunction to be issued prohibiting the said Henry from committing waste on land called Birchee grove containing 11 acres and other lands in Baddesly on which he had ordered trees to be cut down to the value of £1,000 and ordered woodlands to be ploughed and also meadow and pasture to the west of the said woodlands, which lands were included in the marriage settlement dated 14 September 1639 (see DR3/295 - DR3/297). of the said Henry Ferrers and Bridget his wife, daughter of Edward Willoughby of Cossall [Cossal] co. Nottingham esq. to be held to the use of the said Henry and Bridget for their respective lives and then to their sons in turn. The said Henry had not been given power to cut wood on the said lands, but had done so in the lifetime of Edward Ferrers, his eldest son, until restrained by an Injunction from the said court, see DR 3/624. and the said Henry had resumed cutting trees on the said lands upon the death of the said Edward. Undated: c. July 1668 (see DR3/626). Endorsed: 1. [In a contemporary hand] Bill Ferrers versus Ferrers 2. [c. 1839] In Chancery Temp: Sir Orlando Bridgman Lord High Keeper of the Great Seal George Ferrers an infant by his next Friend v. Henry Ferrers of Baddesley - Copy Bill praying an Injunction to restrain the said Henry his Father from cutting Timber and ploughing the wood Lands. [130]