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Legal papers - General


?Copy of instructions for Mr. William Ferrers on behalf of Henry Ferrers concerning accounts relating to the settlement of debts covering the period 1584-1595 owed by the said Henry to William Becher to be made by the said William Ferrers and Thomas Bromley. Undated: c. 1599 (see H. Norris op. cit. p. 77). Endorsed: 1. [In a contemporary hand] All hear wthn mates for the title of Henry Ferrers plt. against Beecher def. in cancellarie 2. [In the hand of Edward Ferrers c 1630] Beecher 3. [c 1839] Instructions for Wm. Ferrers on behalf of Henry Ferrers as arbitrator in matters of account between him and Mr. Wm. Becher temp. Elizth. [345]