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Manorial Documents - Kingswood


Memoranda book relating to the manor of Kingswood containing: a) Memoranda by Henry Ferrers (1549-1633) relating to his suit against Clement Ludford concerning the manor of Kingswood, containing lists of witnesses, depositions and answers, and legal points to be settled See DR 3/ 468. 469. 616. The last page also contains a few notes on Scottish history by Henry Ferrers. b) Memoranda by Edward Ferrers (1585-1651) containing lists of rents due from Kingswood on Lady Day 1635, Michaelmas 1591, Lady Day 1639, heriots for 1633 and 1635, list of under-tenants in 1635, a copy of the inquisition held on the death of Thomas Marrow relating to Kingswood in 1506 See DR 3/ 464., a record of the cases in court baron, view of frankpledge and a recital of the customs of the manor compiled in 1565. c) Memoranda by ?Francis Willoughby (c. 1670) relating to the customs of the manor etc. C. 1570-c. 1670. Stitched into a parchment cover being part of a quitclaim made by Nicholas Ferrers of Woodlow gent. to Edward Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton esq. of property in Baddesley formerly sold by Edward Ferrers, father of the said Nicholas, to Henry Ferrers esq. father of the said Edward Ferrers esq. temp. Charles I See DR3/323 to DR3/326 DR3/716 to DR3/719. Cover endorsed: [In the hand of Edward Ferrers twice c. 1635] Acta manerii de Kingswood Custumarium in parochiis de Rowington et Lapworth in comitatu Warr' Edwardus Ferrers dominus eiusdem as anno 1633 October a morte Henrici Ferrers patris eius