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Estate papers - Receipts


Receipt from Edward Collett the elder of Kingswood in the parish of Rowington yeoman and Edward Collett the younger his son and heir to Edward Ferrers of Baddesly Clynton gent. of £220 in part payment for £370 for copyhold property in Kingswood and freehold lands in Baddesly Clynton. 9 May 1624. Signed: Edward Collett [the elder] and Edward Collett [the younger]. Tongue for seal. Witnesses endorsed: John Burgoyne, Thomas Stone and Henry Bauldewin. Endorsed: [In the hand of Edward Ferrers c. 1630] Acquittance of £220 from ye Collettes uppon ye purchase of theyre landes in Kingswood Baddesly Clynton 1624 [237a]