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Miscellaneous Bonds etc.


Counterpart of defeasance from Ambrose Copinger of Harlington, co. Middlesex esq. to Michael Fynderne of Fynderne [Findern], co. Derby esq. and Thomas Hill of Honeley gent. concerning a bond made by the said Michael and Thomas to the said Ambrose in the penal sum of 1,000 marks, whereby the said Ambrose granted that if the said Michael and Thomas paid £230 on 24 June 1597 at the dwelling house of the said Ambrose in Harlington, and £100 on 24 June 1598 at the same place the said bond should be void. 17 May 1596. Signed: Michael Fyndern, Thomas Hill. Seals: 1. Circular seal of red wax on tag. 3/4 in. ?A rose. 2. Circular seal of red wax on tag. 1 in. On a shield 6 talbots passant, above the shield a helmet and mantling with another talbot passant for a crest. see DR3/596. Witness endorsed: Wentworth Smith, scribe. Endorsed: [In the hand of William Hamper c.1816] AD 1596 [343a]