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Miscellaneous Bonds etc.


Counterpart of a defeasance from Ambrose Copinger of Dawley Court in the parish of Harlington, co. Middlesex esq. to Michael Fynderne of Fynderne [Findern], co. Derby esq. and Thomas Hill of Honeley gent. concerning a bond made by the said Michael and Thomas to the said Ambrose in the penal sum of £200, whereby the said Ambrose granted that the same should be void upon the payment by the said Michael and Thomas of £120 on 24 June 1598 at the dwelling house of the said Ambrose. 12 June 1597. Signed: Michael Fyndern, Thomas Hill. Two circular seals of red wax on tags. 1. A squirrel with two sprigs of foliage within a beaded border. 1/2 in. 2. On a shield 6 talbots passant, above the shield a helmet and mantling with another talbot passant for a crest. 1 in. (see DR3/593). Witnesses endorsed: Edwd. Hill; James Dyer; Henry Beswick; William Horsley. Endorsed: [In the hand of William Hamper c.1816] AD 1597. [346]