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Personal Papers - Incumbency of Baddesley Church


Institution by Nathaniel Brent knt. Doctor of Laws and Vicar General for the province of Canterbury of William Smoke BA to the rectory of the parish of Baddesley Clinton in the diocese of Coventry and Lichfield, on the death of Thomas Harper clerk the previous rector, upon the presentation of Edward Ferrers esq. patron of the said living. 2 December 1643. Signed: Wm Sherman, Registrar and Na: Brent. Fragment of seal of red wax on tag. A winged figure of justice below a canopy holding a sword in the right hand and a pair of scales in the left hand. Endorsed: 1. [In the hand of Edward Ferrers c. 1643] Instituco: 2. [c. 1839] 2 Dec. 1643 To Baddesley Clinton Church Edward Ferrers Patron Wm Smoke on the death of Thomas Harper [125]