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Declaration of Surety: Wellesbourne


Declaration dated 25 January 1733/4 (Old style) [1734], by Thomas Nason, junior, of Wellesbourne Mountford, yeoman, that a messuage, etc. two cottages and three yard lands in Wellesbourne mortgaged by him, 24 May 1731, to Elizabeth Goodwin, spinster, of Coventry, late of Newbold Pacy, to secure the repayment of £700, shall also be as security for the repayment of a further sum of £100 advanced by the said Elizabeth, now wife of Thomas Little of Farnborow, co. Hants., clerk, and for the payment of which with interest he, the said Thomas Nason, is bound to Robert Beese, senior, of Farnborow, in £200. Witnesses: Mary Hopper and Mor. Hopper.