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The particulars of an inquest upon the murder of one Thomas Waterman alias Dixon by Lewes Gilberte, butcher


The narrative of which is given as follows,--that Lewis Gilbert, being in the house of Richard Waterman alias Dixon on 22 April, 6 James I, in a low inner parlor, did fall at strife with the said Richard Waterman, his wife and two daughters, who would have put him out of doors, but he set his back against the door and resisted. During the struggle there was an outcry by the daughters, "He will spoile my father, he will murder my father," whereupon Thomas Waterman, who was sitting with Humphry Acton by the fire in the chimney in the hall right opposite the parlor door, forced it open, and seizing Gilbert by the collar of his doublet, essayed to put him out; but the latter, having drawn a long knife, stabbed him in the right side by the navel, whereof he died the same night. The jurors are extremely particular in minutiæ as to the depth and width of the wound, the length and price of the knife etc