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Indenture dated I May 16 Henry VIII, between Rychard son and heir of Elizabeth Crosby, dau: and heir of Thomas Raves brother to William Raves deceased, and Thomas son and heir of John Wyllinghale. William, by dee dated 5 March 13 Henry VII ( )..enfeoffed Richard ( ) bishop of Derham, John Padland, John Wyll inhale, John Betler the elder and Lychard Foxall,of all his messuages Berkeswelle, Canleye and Hurst, to the use of William Raves Agnes his wife and their heirs for their lives, and afterto Thomas Raves for life, and after to the use of Elizabeth his daughter,etc. and failing to the use of John Willinghale and his heirs. with remainder to the last will of W illiam. The surviving trustees efeoffed Thomas Swynnerton, Edward Litulton esqires, John Lysley,Thomas Priche,Thomas Ardrene, Richard Harecote gents, John Newell clerke